Friday, December 25, 2009


-I believe that snow is cold.
-I believe that storms come and go.
-I believe that the color white has all the colors from the spectrum in it.
-I believe black attracts the sun.
-I believe there’s a universe beyond this earth.
-I believe that the North and South poles are the coldest places on earth.
-I believe humans have the ability to accomplish whatever they’d like.
-I believe anyone with enough determination has the ability to get good grades.
-I believe dating in high school is pointless.
-I believe church is good for us.
-I believe we grow stronger through hard times in life.
-I believe in God.
-I believe God has a plan for my life.
-I believe in love.
-I believe God is love.

What are beliefs if they’re not acted on? Belief is action. YOU don’t truly believe something until YOU do something about it. I’ve learned that I can say I believe a lot of things. The true trial is when I get stuck in a situation that tests my beliefs. Will I stand for them? Do I really believe them? Does my heart long for these beliefs? Am I passionate about them!? Passion and action go along with each other. When you’re passionate about something, you act on it. When we have a strong passion for something, people notice. YOU can believe you’re the coolest person on earth, and as long as YOU believe that, others will start to believe it too… if YOU act on it. When YOU carry a passion about something around with YOU, people will recognize it. They’ll find themselves wanting to be around YOU. YOU seem to know what you’re living for. YOU just might have things figured out. YOU might be the answer to all their questions. Belief is only a statement, until you act on it. Until YOU do something about it. YOU are the change. Live out your belief. Through YOU, people can come to understand beliefs. YOU are the belief.

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