Friday, December 25, 2009

Lead or Follow

I spent the day with my sister. For me, this is a special treat. I rarely get to see her anymore as she’s off at college, hours away, and I’m stuck in a small town going to high school. There was a football tournament at my school and a bunch of her friends came up to play and watch. The day was spent with her and her friends rather than her and my friends. When the time came for her to return home I felt a great loss. I had only spent a few hours with her and it didn’t seem long enough. Her friends are all so nice, I wanted to become better acquainted with them. After saying our goodbyes in the parking lot I wandered to the café for dinner. I didn’t have much of an appetite and I grabbed a bowl of cereal that I forced myself to eat. As I sat down to my regular dinner crew I noticed something I had never really noticed before. It seemed like everyone was using four letter words in their regular vocabulary. I wondered how I had missed this before and had just now noticed their speech. The conversation went on and on, and I didn’t add any input. As I listened, questions went running through my head. How can my friends and my sisters friends be so different, and yet I still like them both? Why do my friends all have a negative attitude? Are they pleasing God? Is this who I want to grow to be like? Does their influence on me affect me for the better? Is the person I’m becoming someone God approves of? Will hanging out with them benefit me, and them in their relationship with God? Will God use me to speak to them, or will they change me instead? What does God want of me? What is he calling me to do? Will I Lead or Follow?

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