Friday, December 25, 2009


I believe God has chosen me to be a leader.

Along with belief, is action.

A few days ago, I was confronted by a pastor. An opportunity I had never expected had opened up in my life. I had been chosen to be a student week of prayer speaker. When I heard this, I was more than surprised.
It’s only my first year at this new, huge school. I’ve been here less than a semester, I don’t even know all the kids’ names! Out of everyone in this school, me? Are they sure they have the right person?
These were the thoughts rolling through my head. A thrill went through my body, and I became very excited. This pastor asked me if I had prayed about it. I ask God every morning to use me to witness Him in my day, but I never once thought of praying to speak during week of prayer. I avoided the question and started babbling on about something unrelated, because I knew I hadn't specifically prayed for this. The pastor stopped me in mid sentence. “No, have you prayed about it?” He asked sincerely. I looked him in the eye and replied, “Well…no.” He told me to pray about it and get back to him the next day.

I prayed, and prayed. I didn’t seem to get a good strong answer. I didn’t literally hear God’s voice. I didn’t get a strong sensation propelling me to believe this was what God wanted. So the next day when a different pastor confronted me with the same question I said yes, I wanted to be a speaker. These pastors must think a like because he asked me the same question the first pastor had asked, “Have you prayed about it?” I told him I had, and I felt that God wouldn’t want me to pass up an opportunity to minister to others. I believe God gave me this opportunity for a reason.

So here I am. I have a God-given answer to my question. Will I Lead or Follow? I intend to follow Him and He has chosen me to lead. And this is my action.

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  1. That is awesome Karalee. I am really happy for you. I voted for you to speak :). You are really good at witnessing and always seem to find the right word or come up with something amazing! You are an awesome person and I am not the only one that sees that But God will help you find something meaningful to talk about. Don't worry you will do GREAT! love ya.
    -Juicy Juice