Friday, December 25, 2009


Love is deep.
If love would make a man swim the English Channel to win his woman, what then, would God do to win you?
Love is change.
What happens when you fully accept God’s love and grace that He extends unconditionally? When you believe in it, it has the power to change. Change thoughts, actions, a whole way of life. You fall just as deeply in love with God as He is with you.
Love is service.
When you are in love, you want to serve to show your love. You don’t serve to give you a better reputation or to influence how someone thinks of you. You do it from the goodness of your heart.
Love is risk.
Maybe you risk your reputation, your job, or your friends, but in the end, love always wins. Love is the key to life. If you gave these few things up for God how would your love built relationship with Him be different? Would you be automatically closer and more deeply in love with the Creator of this universe?
Love is sacrifice.
When you sacrifice something out of love, love is stronger, deeper, more meaningful. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for us, what are we doing in return for Him?
Love is accepting.
Love pays no attention to the minor details in a person. Looks have no part in love. When you’re in love, physical attraction fades. When in love, flaws become accepted. Love is everything or nothing.
Love is choice.
Marriage takes work, so I’ve heard. Love isn’t always easy. It’s a lot easier when love is mutual. Your love relationship with God then, should be easy. He extends His love unconditionally, you have nothing to worry about. His cup never runs out.
Love is essential.
Without love in your life, where would you be? Maybe some don’t receive love from parents, or family, but what about friends, teachers, pastors, strangers. Love is exchanged on a regular basis. Though it may be hard to believe sometimes, love is in this world.
Love is waiting.
Waiting for you to become apart of sharing it. Waiting to be apart of your heart and soul, your very existence.
God is Love.

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