Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting Back...

There’s only a few minutes before the new year, 2010. To be honest, I can’t wait! Time goes by SO fast, it feels like we should just now be starting 2009! Although I hate how quick this year has gone by, I can’t wait to see what this next year holds. So far 2009 has been the best year of my life. I have so many favorite memories, I can’t even count them all! Trips are always a big highlight. My first trip was with the girls basketball team to Friendship Tournament in Walla Walla. In ten years I probably won’t remember whether we won or lost most of our games, it’ll be those amazing experiences with friends that will always stick with me. Coffee shops, visiting old friends, chasing ducks around a pond, swinging, and hot tubbing are some of the main things to remember. My class trip to Rosario was truly incredible. Luckily this year I didn’t have to have surgery on my toe, but there were so many other vivid memories created instead (that didn’t involve pain!). I love sitting around the fire surrounded by best friends, listening to the waves crash on the beach, and reflecting over the new memories from the day. It’s so close to perfection.
Then there was summer. My sister came back from her long eight month trip to India. That was such a blissful day! I’d missed her more than I thought imaginable. I got my first job working with seriously about $12,000 a day. Pretty cool first job huh? I worked in the Front Gate department at Silverwood, “the largest theme park in the Northwest!” Of course one of the highlights of my summer was a relaxing trip to one of my favorite places on earth. A few good friends and I canoed across Priest Lake to my favorite camping spot. It was really simple, we didn’t do much, but I’ll never forget it.
I began a new adventure in August where I started school at Upper Colombia Academy. It has been crazy fun! I’ve already created more memories there in the first semester than I thought possible for the whole year. I’ve licked the flagpole (even though it was snowy and cold I didn’t get my tongue stuck, thank goodness, since that would probably make this not the happiest memory), sat down with three other friends and consumed a whole cake in less than thirty minutes, ate a huge bowl of macaroni with my best friend after lights went out (with only a battery operated light to see what we were eating as we were listened to “romantic” music), read a story to my best friend as she hid from my R.A. in the closet, witnessed this same friend ruining her roommates brand new laptop by spilling hot wax all over it, sang for Amateur Hour (our school talent show) with another good friend while pretending to be a rock star, and the list goes on! I spoke for a Wednesday afternoon assembly right after my best friend got flown to the hospital for hitting her head in intramural football. That makes for an interesting story right there! To top it all off, I’m on the varsity basketball team. It was a surprise to even make the team, and then I found out I was a starter. How could it get any better?
These are only a FEW amazing memories. Cutting to the chase, this year has been amazing. I’ve learned so much in what seems like such a short amount of time. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next year. I know there will be many more memories made on gymnastic tours, week of prayer retreat, and another year of Friendship Tournament. But to those who have contributed to the amazing year I’ve just experienced, thank you. I’ve treasured ever minute of it.

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