Friday, January 22, 2010

Memories in the Wind

As I sit here at the front desk of the UCA Girls dorm my mind can’t help but wander. The main doors are wide open and there is a frigged wind streaming through the openness finding its way through the holes in my window cubicle. The breeze comes in spurts, enough to make me cold but not enough to keep me that way. This wind brings with it memory after memory

Sitting outside the 3rd and 4th grade classroom door huddled in a circle of friends trading lunches. Sitting there and eating our food while we admired the “big kids” walking to their next class.

Walking back to the classroom after our lunch break in the gym, laughing from our game of bump, and newly created inside jokes.

Racking leaves and then lying in the bed of them, our heads connected at the center of the circle. Someone taking a picture over the top of us.

Sitting on a picnic bench just outside the classroom appearing to be doing homework but giggling and chatting behind open books instead.

My boss, who is the head dean, and a great friend, just called me from my tiny cell to walk with her outside. I wasn’t sure what we were doing or where we were going. I had a feeling we were going to do something crazy, like spin in circles on the street. Instead we got to the end of the sidewalk and just stood there. We told horrible jokes, that weren’t even the least bit funny, but they made me laugh anyway. There’s something about this crisp afternoon breeze. It brings a little chill mixed with sunshine. I can’t see it, but it’s beautiful. Next time this beauty finds me again, it will now carry a new memory along with it.

It’s a collection.
That breeze, it follows me, every year, every classroom, every school, bringing each time the same memories and adding a new one to it.

Simple moments like these leave me refreshed. I need them. They make my week! They remind me to be thankful. It’s in these moments God reveals himself to me the most.

As I pack up, I dread leaving these beautiful collections gathered by the wind.
Please find me again.

Written 1/20/10

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