Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Way it Was

Why do hearts break?
Why do relationships have to change?
Why is it that after not seeing someone for a long period of time the second we see them again, our hearts break a little?
If God is all we need why does it feel like he’s not enough?
Being away from home can get really tough. It feels like some relationships are cut off. When I’m gone, it’s always hardest at first to get over missing people and back to focusing on school. But after a couple of weeks, I feel unconquerable, nothing can stop me... until I come home again. I love those relationships like I described before, a couple posts ago. Those friendships that last a lifetime. I hate relationships that change.
I hate change. Sure, it’s good for you sometimes, and you never know what you’re missing out on until you experience some type of change. Things can be better with change, or they can get worse. Change is a risk. A changing relationship either means you grow together, or you grow apart. Why do we have to grow apart? Why can’t we stay close friends forever? Why can’t change always be good? Why do we have to miss the way things use to be? If God is with us all the time, and he never changes, why isn’t that satisfying? I guess our only option is to cling to the knowledge that God is good. God never changes. God will meet us where we are. God will see us through. He is enough.

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