Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I was watching a Rob Bell video, one of the few I haven’t seen. He was giving all of these incredible facts about the universe. He had a huge whiteboard in front of him where he’d write all of his numbers and draw pictures to try to illustrate what he was saying so everyone could kind of comprehend all the massive amounts of information he was piling in our brains. I learned a lot, but I don’t know how he remembers it all. There were so many numbers, and he knew them all down to the last digits. I learned there are about 1 billion galaxies that we’ve actually discovered. He made jokes about how people actually counted these crazy big numbers. The whole time I was thinking, yeah, but you remembered them. He told everyone if we were to put all of our cells into a straight line, it would reach to the sun and back to the earth, 400 times. He started getting into atoms. I’m taking Chemistry this year so at first all that he was saying was a review. Then he started talking about people splitting atoms again and again until you couldn’t anymore. He talked about these crazy things called Quarks. They don’t travel. They just disappear, and then reappear again in someplace new. Kind of like magic, crazy, and insane. He talked about splitting an atom and putting half of it in New York and the other half in San Francisco. If you changed the electron rotation of the half in New York it would automatically change the other half in San Francisco. Pretty crazy. I didn’t even finish the whole video, didn’t even get half way. But I didn’t need to, I get the point.
Everything is connected to spirituality.
Obviously atoms are a God made design. Look at how they work. God had to have thought them out. If atoms reveal God, and atoms make up everything, then where isn’t God in this world? He’s everywhere! Everything we look at is in a way, related to God. Where does laughter come from? What about peace and joy? How do children grow up? Who provides our food? Who allows water to bless the earth with it’s presence so that our crops may grow?
A missionary goes out into the world to “bring people Jesus.” But are they really “bringing” Him anywhere? He’s already present in their midst. The missionaries job then isn’t to “bring” Jesus, rather than to point Him out. Their job is to teach people to recognize what has been there all along. We’re so blind to the obvious: our world is drenched in God.

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