Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Battle is Not my Own

I want to change the world, but instead, it’s changed me. It’s shaped me. I am what the world has decided. All the experiences thrown at me have molded who I am.
I have this idea of who I want to be. HOW, I want to be… Time and again I’m given the opportunity to fight off the world’s force, but I find I am to weak to hear even my own small voice. I cannot depend on myself to win this battle any longer. The chance to change is lost. I am defeated.
I’ve grown accustomed to the world, and its view of things. I am comfortable. But I am not satisfied.
I’ve been listening and I can finally hear a loud, powerful voice that cannot be drowned out by the empty space of the world.
The war for change is NOW.
The world doesn’t realize that the past it’s given to me has taught me a few things. I’ve learned endurance, determination and exercised strength. I am ready. Ready to fight. Ready to win.
I am small, but my faith is big.
My weakness’ are made perfect in Your strength.
With Him I am able to stand. We are unconquerable. We will overcome.

Written 3/12/10

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