Friday, April 30, 2010

Ruin It

Part I
I’m on a bus on my way back to school from Alaska. I’m running on, maybe three hours of sleep, so bare with me. My gymnastics team went on a tour for a week to Anchorage, Alaska. We traveled around to a whole bunch of different schools to put on shows.
Unfortunately for me, I got hurt on the first show. I’m in a pyramid where I get picked up and tossed onto the shoulders of two other people. Something went wrong when they tossed me and I flew crooked and lost my balance and fell off sideways. I fell head first onto the ground. No one caught me and after that I seriously doubted my trust in the team. I was really scared to try it again. I had a massive headache, and pain slowly started to spread to my neck, shoulders and down my back. I’m still pretty sore.
I didn’t understand why no one caught me. I seemed to be falling towards people and they actually moved out of the way! What kind of team is that? Where was my tossing pod? They didn’t run to catch me and I didn’t even land far from where they were. If they would’ve taken
two steps everything would’ve been alright. Thanks for watching me fall guys. Way to care. Way to let me down… literally. Way to ruin my trust in you. Way to be a team.


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