Friday, April 30, 2010

Strength of an Army in a Finger

I wish I was strong.

I wish it was true, I really could tap that barn over with my finger.

I wish I could run 500 miles without getting weary.

I wish I had super strength like the hulk and could pick up anything I dared.

I wish I never cried.

I wish sleep never claimed me.

I wish I never got tired of doing homework.

I wish I never ran low on energy.

I wish late nights didn’t kill me the next day in class.

I wish chemistry was a breeze.

I wish I could rock climb Mount Everest.

I wish I understood.

I wish I knew exactly who I was and my character never suffered.

I wish for strength to get me through this last quarter, let alone this day.

I wish…

God give me Strength.


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