Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear Deceiver,

You got me. I completely trusted you. Congratulations, you succeeded at tricking me.
I was so na├»ve, but I’ve grown up this year. You’ve played a big roll in that. You’ve taught me quite a bit about the world. I know now that no one on earth can be trusted, not even my closest friends.
You’ve given me a gift, though you may not know it. Wisdom from experience is one of the best. Thank you for causing me pain and disappointment.
Although this experience has been great, I think it’s time we part ways and say goodbye. Thanks again!

Karalee Rhuman

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today Cassie and I passed a lilac bush. Lilacs bring fond memories for both of us, so we picked a branch and brought it with us up to the field. As we sat there watching the baseball game, I grew tired of it quickly. I started forcing the un-bloomed flowers open, so I could smell more of the lovely fragrance.
But that’s just the thing. I was forcing those flowers open. They weren’t ready to bloom. It wasn’t their time.
Maybe if I waited, they’d smell better.

A fly keeps buzzing past my head and I wish I could smack it but it's too fast. Grrrr… it’s making me angry. Little things lately have been making me angry. Like today in math class, when my project partner sat around and did her own homework rather than helping me with what was suppose to be OUR project. Or like yesterday afternoon in gymnastics when one of my best friends kept blaming the reason we kept falling, on me. Nothing was wrong with her, it didn’t matter that she wasn’t tight, it wasn’t her fault. I get the same reaction every time we ever do something together and it doesn’t actually work. I’m always the problem.
People ask me for help with homework during class when I’m trying to listen, or they just want to talk when I’m busy.
I have visitors when I want to be alone.
I can’t turn my music on in the morning because my roommates sleeping in.
People are walking too slow.
Teachers make me wait for their help and answer every other kids question before mine, when I was there first.
Freshman come everyday asking if they have mail, and everyday they get the same answer, NO!
Little things.
You would think because the school years end is near I would be excited, happy and full of energy. But I’ve checked out early. I’m done, fed up, and the sad thing is, I don’t care.

Wind You’re so strong.
I am so weak.

Wind You are the air I breathe. You are so important to the world.
Some days I go unnoticed.

Wind You carry rain to water our crops and give us food. You are such a blessing.
My hands are empty. I carry nothing.

Wind You are refreshing on a hot day.
The best I can do is offer a cold drink.

Wind You are violent at times letting the world know all that You are capable of.
I am still figuring out what I can do.

Wind You are not shy or afraid to be who You are.
I don’t know who I am.

Consume me Wind. Make me one with You. Wrap Your strong arms around me and continue to blow me away.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


What I wouldn’t give to find a pair of ruby red slippers.

Oh how I long to wear those shiny shoes if only for a day. To click my heels together, just once.

Dorothy knew what she was talking about.
There’s no place like Home.


Rebuild It

Part II
On our fun, “tourist,” no show day in Alaska I got sick. I felt like I could throw up at any moment, so instead of bowling, hanging out at the mall, or going to the zoo, I went back to my room to sleep and take a shower. I had another massive headache, a fever, the chills, and I was dizzy and faintish all the rest of the night. The next day we had 3 shows, and the team was counting on me. So a feverish, dizzy, Karalee did her best to keep up with the team. In the second show, one of the girls got a concussion. In our third show of the day we had to replace her. I had to replace her in a high L where you transfer all your weight to one leg and lift the other one in a step. I was pretty nervous about it because I can barley balance on one foot on the ground, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this while standing on someone’s hand up in the air.
The show came and before I knew it was time for the dreaded pyramid. After the incident in the first show of the trip where I fell I was scared I was going to fall and no one would catch me. I can still perfectly picture turning to Trent and Charlie, the two bases that would be holding my life in their hands, with a nervous smile on my face. It was returned with two large grins. Trent whispered, “You can do it Karalee.” Charlie whispered, “You got this!” My heart was racing. “Mount one!” That was me. “Ready up, down up!” And with that I jumped into their hands and stood straight up staring at the wall while they threw me into the air. Mrs. Gimbel, one of the coaches, was yelling, “Stay tight! Stay tight!” I was up. Now came the hard part, shifting my weight to one leg. Rachel was in a low L next to me and I heard her yelling, “You got this Karalee, you got it!” I did it, without falling I was up. “Ready, sweep!” I fell back into Charlie and Trent’s arms and they whispered “Way to go!” and “Good job! You were amazing!” What a boost of encouragement! Way to rebuild my trust and rebuild my confidence through these comments! Way to be a team!