Friday, May 14, 2010

A fly keeps buzzing past my head and I wish I could smack it but it's too fast. Grrrr… it’s making me angry. Little things lately have been making me angry. Like today in math class, when my project partner sat around and did her own homework rather than helping me with what was suppose to be OUR project. Or like yesterday afternoon in gymnastics when one of my best friends kept blaming the reason we kept falling, on me. Nothing was wrong with her, it didn’t matter that she wasn’t tight, it wasn’t her fault. I get the same reaction every time we ever do something together and it doesn’t actually work. I’m always the problem.
People ask me for help with homework during class when I’m trying to listen, or they just want to talk when I’m busy.
I have visitors when I want to be alone.
I can’t turn my music on in the morning because my roommates sleeping in.
People are walking too slow.
Teachers make me wait for their help and answer every other kids question before mine, when I was there first.
Freshman come everyday asking if they have mail, and everyday they get the same answer, NO!
Little things.
You would think because the school years end is near I would be excited, happy and full of energy. But I’ve checked out early. I’m done, fed up, and the sad thing is, I don’t care.

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