Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Count the Cars

Yesterday I went biking around with my brother for some exercise. We went across to the train tracks to check out the graffiti on the trains. While I was biking around I saw an old man sitting on the concrete railing waiting for a train to go by. It reminded me of getting stopped for trains and watching my grandpa count the cars. I remember when I was little I would never forget to count the cars while I sat in the car waiting for the train to pass. I haven’t done that in years! It seems like I just don’t have time… even though I have nothing to do for those brief 2-3 minutes while sitting in the car. When I have to wait for a train these days, I usually grow impatient and stare at the clock calculating how much I have to speed in order to get where I’m going on time.

I turn 17 in 13 days. Not super young, not super old. The age that usually has no time for trains. But I’ve decided the youthfulness of a kid and the wisdom of a grandpa sound like good traits to have at any age. I think by observing this act we can benefit by taking time out of a busy day to enjoy the train and count the cars.

So today on my way to work, ironically enough, I got stopped by a train. There were 14 cars.

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