Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Independence Day

I went to the DMV this morning at around 8:00... no two hour wait that early! I passed both the driving test and the written test with flying colors. I have been studying for these tests for weeks, and I was scared out of my wits to take them and screw up. I really shouldn’t have stressed, it’s all common sense and habit. One things for sure, my skills tester was right, no matter how long you spend getting ready for your picture, doing your hair, and dressing up nice, it doesn’t matter, somehow everyone always turns out looking like a criminal getting their mug shots… might as well hold up a sign with numbers. Now I’m sitting here, excited to get out on the road alone and have the power to go wherever I want. I would be out on the road this very instant if I wasn’t waiting for my insurance lady to finish her lunch break, answer her phone messages, call us back and set up my insurance. I’m excited to get out there, but then again, very fearful. So much responsibility comes with this new found independence. Am I ready?
I’m scared to get out on the road with my little black Honda accord which is so old it has no airbags, and I just recently found out, no ABS. So pretty much when winter hits there’s me on the road heading back to school skidding on ice with locked up breaks which end up getting me in an accident and because I don’t have airbags, I die. POOF! Just like that. So maybe there’s a lot more responsibility that comes along with this new accomplishment than I would like. The world and I grow older and there’s no stopping the loads of responsibility adding up. Don’t get me wrong, growing up is great. Experiencing new things is one of the best things in life, but sometimes I miss those days running around in the sprinkler in the backyard with no clothes on.

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