Friday, June 18, 2010


You only physically die once. When you die, you’re gone, but the world continues on.

Sometimes I wonder how is it for those grieving over a loved one. Maybe a relative or a friend. Does their world seem to come to a screeching halt? Does it crumble altogether? Is all sense of hope lost? Are the pieces unfixable because some are missing? When does life become “normal” again? I thank God that I don’t have an answer to these questions.

I’m here today, and others aren’t, or are on the verge of death. How can I comfort the families of these people here and now at UCA with all my limited resources?

Pastor Fred’s mom is dying.

Yesterday Cassie and I went over and mowed his lawn. To the faculty living across the street, and the people walking along we looked like good, kind, caring people, helping out a friend in need. I wish my motives were that good.

Free labor in the dorm always has a due date.
Written 5/21/10

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