Monday, June 7, 2010

Lines in Your Hands

I can still remember the little house out in the backyard my siblings and I use to play in. We would go to see the “fortune teller” who would read the lines in our palm and tell us our future. I remember sitting in the little house with a pretend crystal ball. My sister across me holding my palm in her hand, squinting at the lines caused by grabbing, bending, and the everyday normal tasks a hand fulfills in a day, as she tried to make out what was going to happen to me tomorrow.
And now I’m sitting here looking at my open hand, wondering, concentrating, questioning the paths engraved in my hand. If this is where I am now, and this is where I’ve been, where is the line to show where I will go? The directions aren’t very clear. I’m lost in my own hand! So many lines! All different directions! Which one do I choose? Where will it lead?
Fortune Teller, if you’re out there, drop by, stay awhile. Let’s talk.

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