Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shake'n Up

Today I experienced what it feels like to be out on my own. Really, out on my own. I’ve only been to the movie theaters twice without adults. Seriously, I’m a sheltered child. The first time was when I turned 14, the second time this year on a gymnastics tour. Today I drove with my brother into town for the first time with my license to meet up with some friends. It was all fine and dandy at first, cranked up the GOOD tunes that I can never listen to when I’m in the car with my parents and sang along load enough to embarrass my brother in the passenger seat. We made a quick stop to pick up my proof of insurance and then we headed down to Tubbs Hill. I had a really good time catching up with an old friend, but I could only stay for an hour. I hopped in my car to find that it wouldn’t start. So there I am stuck. Without a cell phone. No car, motor starting education. Stuck. So I ran up to see if Courtney had left yet and she was just pulling out of her parking spot but I ran her down and used her cell phone to call good ol’ dad. He would know exactly what to do. I held the gas to the floor and got it started. Phew! That was close. I gave the phone back to Courtney and headed out. As we waited in line to get out of the parking lot my car suddenly died. I freaked out. I heard my brother remind me to pray. I prayed a small prayer in my head as I tried starting it again. It started no problem. Thank you God. I started on my way home freaking out at every stop light thinking it was going to die again. I turned the radio station to the traditional Positive Life Radio and sang along to praise songs thanking God that He started my car.
I sat there pondering the way my relationship has gone with Him these past months. Funny how the first time I thought of him was when I prayed right before my written test this morning, and the second time when I needed to start my car for the second time. What has happened? It use to never be this way. What are my priorities in life? Really.

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