Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Are Your Very Own

I wonder if you can decide who you are. Is personality just something you're born with, or born into?

People say expierences shape who you are. Which I believe is true, you reveal a bit of yourself in your reaction to situations. But lets say I wanted to be known as being adventurous and brave when really I'd rather stay in the comfort zone of my room snuggled up to a good book. But I wanted to be adventurous. If expierences shape who you are could you plan adventurous activites to do and pretend to like them until the day it took you to truley like them (if that day ever came)? If you could do that, then anyone really, with enough determination, can become who they want to be, right?
Or do you have a choice? If God had you in mind before you were created did He give you your own querky personality?--unchangeable because everyones different.
Or maybe the family you're born into molded you. They are in fact the people who brought you life (with an exception of God), and they taught you everything first. They've given you your first life lessons.
Where do you come from? Who decides who you are?

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