Thursday, July 29, 2010

He Said She Said

With a beaming smile on his face he said, "I finally got the chance to ask her. Now we're engaged!"

She said, "Where? When did it happen? Tell me all about it!"

He went on to tell her how the event unfolded. "It was the perfect time... the sun was setting... we went to the resort for dinner... we walked the boardwalk... and then I popped the question."

"Did you get down on one knee?" She asked.

"No, she told me never to do that. (pause) So what about you, any boyfriends or..."

"Did you already forget! I'm going to be single forever!" They had already discussed this conversation days before.

"Oh yeah that's right. (pause) I really admire that about you. That you don't like boys, well I mean that doesn't mean you're not interested in them but you know..." He stumbled to finish, "You're just different from most girls. Most girls these days always seem to be dating someone. It's nice to know there's girls like you out there."

She smiled at him, glad he had noticed, "Well, I'm not like most girls." I said.

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