Monday, July 26, 2010

The Heart of it

So pure, such good intentions. The love radiated from their music. Their faces held a steady peacefulness. The sound vibrating from their instruments reflected the melody of their hearts. So calm, so good, so appealing. I knew I was in the presence of something mighty and great. Their immediate acceptance left me dazzled. Me! of all people they choose me! "But they're all so... Godly, so good. I must really have them fooled. I don't fit this criteria. I don't deserve this opportunity." We practiced, we played. "...Lead me to the cross where your love poured out. Bring me to my knees Lord I lay me down. Rid me of myself, I belong to you, lead me. Lead me to the cross..." The music came out of my mouth, but I wished it flowed from my heart. I envied them, they all had something great. I sang, and what a feeling! It was like old times, I'd really missed it! I felt the passion I once had for singing wash over me like rainfall after a deadly drought. They are incredibly gifted musicians and such an inspiration! They will never know how much it meant to me that they choose me of all people to be apart of their praise. It may just be a little thing, but sometimes it's the little things that can make the biggest impact in life. I gained such a huge blessing from singing with them. I looked at each one of them playing their instruments and I could tell they were made to have it in their hands. They had so much passion and energy in their worship. I knew they were giving all the glory to God. And it felt so good and right to be apart of that. What an expierence! What an atmosphere! What a feeling! God is good! I'm coming back to the

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