Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Distance of Distances

This summer was good for me, but it was kind of hard. I really missed my friends. I didn't realize just how much until school started. Everyday the thought wow, I really missed them comes to my mind. We do something together and it just seems so perfect. I love my life. I'm so satisfied. This year at UCA there are a lot more couples than usual. We went and watched a movie at the Johnson's house Sunday evening and it was disgusting. Couples all over each other. Sick! And then there are me and a few of my closest friends. Single. They complain all the time about how they wish they had a boyfriend. How they hate being single, and they can't wait to meet someone. They think about it all the time. Distance. A chance to grow, in yourself and with God. You need that before you're with someone. You need to know yourself. I'm not to that point yet. Honestly, I couldn't be in a better place than I am now. Having a boyfriend would not make my life better, just a little bit more complicated. I am so satisfied with life right now. It's a blast. I don't need anything more, and yet I know I still do. Our school theme this year is, "Empty? Be filled." Why do my friends think that boyfriends will fill that empty void. God is calling out our name. Maybe this distance between ourselves and God will give us a chance to grow, and realize what we REALLY need. Distance can be really hard, but in the end, it's such a blessing!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Class Night

This year was different from last year. I was in shock at the energy in the atmosphere last year. This year I knew what to expect. This year I helped shake up the atmosphere, and contributed and put my two cents in. Last year I knew only a few people very well and the rest were acquaintances or less than. This year I went shopping Friday afternoon the day before the big night to look for an outfit with friends instead of going a month early. I worked all night Friday and all afternoon Saturday to finish my matching tu tu with Cassie. This year when I actually looked at the faces around me I felt comfortable laughing and chatting with them in excitment and anticapation. Last year I was a little homesick and still not sure about this school spirit stuff. This year I haven't felt homesick yet and I was here at the school a week early. It was a great night. And now looking back on it I see really cool personality traits in people that I hadn't noticed before, including myself. I didn't want to leave the field last night. It meant I was moving onto another chapter in my life. The last class night I would ever be apart of. I'm a Senior, almost done with High School. It seems believeable but not at the same time. I feel so much older than a Senior and then sometimes I seem so much younger and it's almost too hard to believe. I love the life I've been given. I thank God for my supportive friends. I can't wait for another year full of adventure ahead of me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vote for Upper Colombia Academy

There’s something so real about this place. The teachers, the students, all contributers to the atmosphere but something else really stands out in my mind as to why this school is so different from the rest. These students and teachers all carry God with them. God is so real here. You feel him, and see him around every corner. When he feels out of reach, he’s actually the closest.
Today I walked home with my favorite teacher. I got a phone call earlier today telling me I had been accepted into Choraliers, the selected singing group on campus. I had to let my favorite teacher know that I wasn’t going to be able to be in gymnastics again this year, and so we’d never have any classes together. I could tell he was sad, but happy for me at the same time. He told me he would sneak me into a few of the routines some time. I’m really excited about that! We sat on the floor long after everyone had vacated the gym to find dinner to satisfy their cravings. We talked. About who would be on gymnastics this year, choraliers, being an R.A., the girls on my hall, relationships gone bad, the Kohls Cares news crew today and the project with the school. As we were walking home I realized yes, getting money from Kohls to fix our school is very much needed and appreciated, but even if our dorms are stained and ruined, our café is disgusting, and the gym has no air conditioning, we still have something so wonderful it can’t be replaced, and it can’t be bought by money. Ourselves. The students. The teachers. The church family. The people that put so much into making this school what it is. As we neared his house, I walked on to the café. I can’t put into words just how I felt. Something mystical happened then. Something greater was taking place. I could feel it. The presence of God was all around me. And I realized, if we don’t get the Kohls Cares donation, God will never leave us or forsake us. He will provide. And we will be real.

In honor of Kohls 10th anniversary they're giving away $5,000 to 20 different schools. Right now we're in 38th place. Sign up on facebook to cast 5 votes for our school. Voting ends September 3rd. You can make a difference. You can be the change.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wishy Washy

The other day I drove to the laundry mat to wash my really gross smelling, never been washed, sleeping bag in a cool wishy washy machine, the kind that REALLY cleans. I've never been to a laundry mat before, so I didn't know what to expect. I walked in, and no one was there. I read the sign that said $4 to use. Sheesh! Expensive! I only had $3 in quarters so I walked over to the gas station that was connected to the room to get change. After gathering enough quarters I went back to start the machine. I can still remember the smell of that sleeping bag as I put it in to wash. I hoped it would work so I wouldn't have to try to fall asleep sniffing that awful stench ever again. I sat back on the couch across from the machine and started to read. I couldn't focus. That machine was so ironic. I watched the fabric rotate, spinning rapidly on one side and then switching back after a couple seconds to the other side in a repeated motion. The soap suds began collecting and forming. I thought about my life right about then. How often I ran full speed ahead for something in life, whether it be a goal, a dream, a relationship, and then turning around just as quickly as I'd begun, unsure and doubting my abilities. So wishy washy. I watched the arrow turn as it changed from the cycle "wash", to "rinse". I prayed. How I longed to be rinsed. Before I knew it, the hypnotizing machine came to a stand still. I opened the door, lifted the blanket to my nose, and breathed in a fragrance worth dreaming for.

Friday, August 6, 2010

retarted moments...pricless

She was there with me the night after my Student Week of Prayer talk this year
She distracted me from my hunger on Thanksgiving
She made me laugh on the long car ride to Rosario
She's a great imitator
She even likes to play dress up with me

We've been through so much together, and guess what? I love her! And nothing can ever change that! Love you Michelley!