Sunday, August 29, 2010

Class Night

This year was different from last year. I was in shock at the energy in the atmosphere last year. This year I knew what to expect. This year I helped shake up the atmosphere, and contributed and put my two cents in. Last year I knew only a few people very well and the rest were acquaintances or less than. This year I went shopping Friday afternoon the day before the big night to look for an outfit with friends instead of going a month early. I worked all night Friday and all afternoon Saturday to finish my matching tu tu with Cassie. This year when I actually looked at the faces around me I felt comfortable laughing and chatting with them in excitment and anticapation. Last year I was a little homesick and still not sure about this school spirit stuff. This year I haven't felt homesick yet and I was here at the school a week early. It was a great night. And now looking back on it I see really cool personality traits in people that I hadn't noticed before, including myself. I didn't want to leave the field last night. It meant I was moving onto another chapter in my life. The last class night I would ever be apart of. I'm a Senior, almost done with High School. It seems believeable but not at the same time. I feel so much older than a Senior and then sometimes I seem so much younger and it's almost too hard to believe. I love the life I've been given. I thank God for my supportive friends. I can't wait for another year full of adventure ahead of me.

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