Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Distance of Distances

This summer was good for me, but it was kind of hard. I really missed my friends. I didn't realize just how much until school started. Everyday the thought wow, I really missed them comes to my mind. We do something together and it just seems so perfect. I love my life. I'm so satisfied. This year at UCA there are a lot more couples than usual. We went and watched a movie at the Johnson's house Sunday evening and it was disgusting. Couples all over each other. Sick! And then there are me and a few of my closest friends. Single. They complain all the time about how they wish they had a boyfriend. How they hate being single, and they can't wait to meet someone. They think about it all the time. Distance. A chance to grow, in yourself and with God. You need that before you're with someone. You need to know yourself. I'm not to that point yet. Honestly, I couldn't be in a better place than I am now. Having a boyfriend would not make my life better, just a little bit more complicated. I am so satisfied with life right now. It's a blast. I don't need anything more, and yet I know I still do. Our school theme this year is, "Empty? Be filled." Why do my friends think that boyfriends will fill that empty void. God is calling out our name. Maybe this distance between ourselves and God will give us a chance to grow, and realize what we REALLY need. Distance can be really hard, but in the end, it's such a blessing!

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