Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wishy Washy

The other day I drove to the laundry mat to wash my really gross smelling, never been washed, sleeping bag in a cool wishy washy machine, the kind that REALLY cleans. I've never been to a laundry mat before, so I didn't know what to expect. I walked in, and no one was there. I read the sign that said $4 to use. Sheesh! Expensive! I only had $3 in quarters so I walked over to the gas station that was connected to the room to get change. After gathering enough quarters I went back to start the machine. I can still remember the smell of that sleeping bag as I put it in to wash. I hoped it would work so I wouldn't have to try to fall asleep sniffing that awful stench ever again. I sat back on the couch across from the machine and started to read. I couldn't focus. That machine was so ironic. I watched the fabric rotate, spinning rapidly on one side and then switching back after a couple seconds to the other side in a repeated motion. The soap suds began collecting and forming. I thought about my life right about then. How often I ran full speed ahead for something in life, whether it be a goal, a dream, a relationship, and then turning around just as quickly as I'd begun, unsure and doubting my abilities. So wishy washy. I watched the arrow turn as it changed from the cycle "wash", to "rinse". I prayed. How I longed to be rinsed. Before I knew it, the hypnotizing machine came to a stand still. I opened the door, lifted the blanket to my nose, and breathed in a fragrance worth dreaming for.

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