Tuesday, September 28, 2010

French Bread or Curly Fries?

Apparently when I french braid my hair, "it's so golden, that it looks like French bread, that's so good, I could just rip it off her head and eat it." That's what a couple of my girlfriends told me someone said about me. I just laughed. I've heard people say my hair looks like a carrot, or a tomotoe, or a pumpkin, but a loaf of bread? That one cracked me up. So last night after work, I took a shower and blow dried my hair just enough for Cassie to put some curlers in it... bad idea. I'm suffering from lack of sleep at this very moment. I don't know how you're suppose to sleep on those things! And in the morning I woke up and Cassie came to my room to take them out of my hair and laugh... I just know she knew what it was going to look like! She unrolled them and... BAM! There were my locks, bouncy and curly, but definitely so short it looked liked I'd cut my hair and I had a mullet. Yesiree, it was bad. I've been thinking of the right words to describe it all day, and I think I'd have to say it looks like a hurricane came, hit my head and never left. Today what did I get called? "Karalee fries" like "Curly fries"... special, I know. Wow. What a day.

P.S. The bread in the picture is actually Cardamon bread, it's braided and we actually eat this every Christmas... I guess I kind of see the resemblance now...

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