Thursday, September 2, 2010

Under The Big Disco Ball

Tonight I took my girls out onto the middle of the football field for worship. A few of the girls weren't very thrilled about the idea of taking time to go do something different. They were stressing about all the homework and things they had to do when they got back to the dorm, and they "just didn't have time to do this." It was dark. But the stars provided enough light to see a shadow on each girls face as we sat together in a circle, singing praises to our King. We finished with "The Blood" and each girl went around the circle telling when they felt the closest to God and why. A few girls skipped, but I was pretty happy with the amount of girls willing to share. One of the girls broke down as she told us about her parents divorce and how she had prayed to God that they would get back together but they never did. God found a way to see her through the rainy days. When we were finished sharing I prayed. One of my favorite girls on my hall, a good friend turned to me and whispered, "Can we talk after this." "Yeah," I replied. The girls just sat there until I sent them on there way back to the dorm. We stood to our feet and I saw the tears in her eyes, and I knew God was there. She looked at me and told me how empty she felt. No one else knew what she was carrying around, but tonight she really felt God's presence. She said she had so many emotions wrapped up inside that she couldn't let go of them in order to maintain her sense of strength. She felt so far away from God. I hugged her and comforted her as tears streamed down my face. "You want to know a secret?" I said. "I feel almost the same way." We continued talking all the way back to the dorm. I walked into the deans office with red eyes and told the deans, "Tonight was a good night."

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