Thursday, October 7, 2010

Debate of Freedom

Today I was in a debate, and can I just say I rocked it?!!! I don't know if I'm allowed to say that, but it was SO fun! I was totally unprepared! I had no idea how it was going to go. I had been stressing about it all day, I hadn't even ran through it out loud so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it went very smoothly. First each team had a member introduce us and explain what we were debating and how we personaly felt about the issue. I was the only person on our team of 4 who was titled pro-choice in this real life issue. The pro-choicers started with their arguments. Then Elise, my partner in crime, went and gave all the statistics and facts about abortion. Then the Pro-choicers said another argument. And then it was my turn to debate pro-life.
I started with how Hillary Clinton believes that if we physically go in, turn the baby's head so the feet are born first, and the doctors kill the baby before the head comes out it's ok, and not considered murder. BUT, if the baby's head comes out first and THEN they kill the baby, that doctor would be sent to prison for murder. Anyone with a conscience is disgusted by this and KNOWS it's wrong. At 2 weeks the "fetus" can move alone. At 4 weeks the babe has limbs, muscle tissue, and a heart with a heartbeat. By the 5th week ears, eyes, and small hands are visible. The child responds to touch by the 6th or 7th week. The baby sometimes tries to take a breath when removed from the mother after 8 weeks. And finally at 12 weeks the child will struggle for life for 2 or 3 hours after being removed from the mother. Now tell me this "fetus" isn't alive.
In reference to pregnant women, the term "with child" occurs 26 times in the Bible. The term "with fetus" never occurs once. In Luke 1:36-41 Elizabeth conceived a son and the "babe" leaped in her womb. The Bible does not say that a "fetus" leaped in her womb. It says the "babe" LEAPED. This is the exact same word the Bible uses to describe Christ in the manger AFTER he is born (Luke 2:12,16). A newborn babe and an unborn babe are the same!
Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I made you in your mother's womb, I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." God can use that child for His work! He planned that child's life!
Psalms: 22:9 "You had my mother give birth to me. You made me trust you while I was just a baby."
Exodus 21: 22-23 "Suppose two men are fighting and hit a pregnant woman, causeing the baby to come out. If there is no further injury, the man who caused the accident must pay money- whatever amount the woman's husband says and the court allows. But if there is further injury, then the punishment that must be paid is LIFE FOR LIFE." Murdering a baby in the womb is equal to murdering ANY life.
Then I went and sat back down on my teams side. The pro-choicers had one last chance to win it, and they went up and said their final remarks. The oponent said "God is the judge" multiple times. So, I agreed, yes God is the judge.
I went back up to put our last 2 cents in and ended the debate with this:
Romans 9:19-24 "God is sovereign. He has ultimate authority over life and death. In life or in death, we are the Lord's." As the oponent said before, yes, God is the judge. God has the authority to give life, He should be the only one with the ability to take it away.
When we finished everyone told me how impressed they were. I got compliments like, "You should be on a debate team." "You were so agressive." "I really like the "babe" fact, I never really thought about that." "You got up there and slapped them around." Of course I just laughed at all of them. The thing I find funny is, I'm pro-choice but my arguments where so "agressive." Like I was for real trying to prove my point. And I was, I think killing a baby is murder, and it is wrong. But besides the fact that if we took it away, mothers would find dangerous ways to kill the baby and end up hurting themselves in the process, I don't think we should take away the CHOICE that American people are given. This is a personal belief that the bill of rights holds firmly in place. We can't take it away for fear we lose our own freedom. What would America become?

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