Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do I Hear an Encore?

Today Choiraliers went and sang at the "big church" downtown Spokane. I think it's a Methodist church? Afterwards, we went to Taco Bell for lunch. Someone asked us if we were a group, and we told them we were a choir group, and we'd just performed at a church down the road. He thought that was pretty cool and wanted to hear us sing. So a couple of us rounded the octet up and we sang an acapella song "Let The Heaven Light Shine." It was fabulous. Looking around the room at everyones faces... priceless. The Taco Bell workers cut the soft background music when they heard us singing. Everyone stopped talking, and eating, and doing whatever they were doing and turned to us intently listening. It went really well, and when we were done, everyone in the building started clapping. All 8 of the octet members turned to each other, a little bit pleased, a little bit embarrassed, but wishing we could do it one more time!

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