Monday, October 18, 2010

Lipstick Streak

Tonight I saw the most BEAUTIFUL sunset! It started out like fire, bright orange and yellow with pink clouds lining the skyway. After 15 minutes the sun was bright red but the color wasn't seen as just a circle of fire. It was bright as lipstick, forming a streak across the hilly wheatfields of Spangle. And the thought of taking a long walk with a friend and talking about everything important in life, or going for a run and praying sounded very appealing to me. Instead I walked back to the dorm with nothing on my plate, no schedule, no homework, no place I had to be, nothing that had to be done, but many worries. So many confused girls, including me. Life is so incredible, so mysterious and adventurous. Full of exciting possibilities. Like a sunset, each day setting a new atmosphere, unique and special, stormy and clear, long and short, Outstanding.

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