Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Adventure For The Day

It was Sunday today, but bummer for me I had school. I walked into A&P and saw the unexpected, yet somewhat expected note taped to my desk. It read:
For Karalee
I flipped it over and read it. It was the beginning of my treasure hunt, the first clue was "on Jon Macks chest." Ha! So I turned to Jon to get it from him. Yep, sure enough, under his shirt. What a weirdo. I sat in class trying to focus on our test review but I didn't catch a word. I was trying my hardest to pay attention! I felt like a little kid again. I had a strong urge to run out of the classroom and go find the next note, but I held myself in check and waited until the teacher let us go. Luckily, we got out of class about 30 minutes early and the next clue was inside the juice machine in the cafe. Heidi and Alex tagged along as we walked through the snow to the cafe. I wanted to run, but instead acted as though it was no big deal. In fact, I already knew who this "secret" person was, no need to rush right? I opened the juice machine with ease and read that the next clue was at the fountain. I decided there was no point in hiding my excitement, and instead of walking lazily to our destination, I ran more than excited! I arrived breathless, and found the next note completely in Spanish. Words we haven't covered yet in Spanish 2. I took this clue to the library and looked up the meaning on google translater. The next note would be under my Spanish desk, I couldn't wait 15 more minutes for my Spanish class to start! It was awful! Finally the bell rang and spanish began. My next clue would be in the music building. I sat through Spanish with as much patience as I could muster, trying to concentrate on yet again, another test review. It was one of the longest classes of the year, but when the bell rang, I was up and out of my seat and headed to the piano's in a jiffy. I looked in almost every piano on second floor before I found the last note. It was quite an exciting adventure today. I must admit, my heart was racing even though I knew who was asking me to the banquet. I absolutely loved that feeling. But if I fail all my tests tomorrow, I blame it on River Davis.

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