Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In The Bushes

So, tonight I "accidentally" shoved Elise into the bushes as her, Emily, and I were walking to the dorm from Choraliers. It was pretty funny, I must admit. She lost her shoe in the mass of bushes. It almost looked like it hurt and I felt kind of bad because I didn't mean to push her over that hard so she'd actually FALL and lose her balance. I helped her up and gave her a hug as I was laughing my head off and I leaned over with my phone to bring light on the bushes so I could dig around in the brush to find her shoe. As I bent over she shoved me in. BAM! I fell into the bush and lost my shoe too. I looked up at her as I sat laughing in the middle of the big bush and said, "Hey, aren't you suppose to do unto others as you would..." I stopped and realized what I was about to say didn't make much sense because I did technically start this whole fiasco. Elise just smiled down at me and said with a laugh, "EXACTLY!" A group of silly boys were near the powerhouse watching and laughing at us. As soon as I scrambled out of the bush they ran over and were about to pummel us all into the bush but Elise and I got away, Emily on the other hand wasn't so lucky and down she fell. We stood there laughing for a bit. The boys were still running around trying to be sneaky enough to push us in, but we found Elises shoe and ran to the dorm to go to dinner.
This story may be pointless, except for the fact that it totally made my day. Maybe you just had to be there... And another thing, every time I pass that bush that now has a permanent whole in the center, I'll think of this silly incident, and it'll bring a small smile to my face, a brightness to my day, and a little bounce to my step.

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