Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh the Season!

The butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach. It tickles a little bit, in an odd way. It's actually not good for you. That anxious, nervous, excited feeling that we all love, to an extent, is actually bad for your health. I've been having this feeling on and off but most of the time for the last couple days now. Like something exciting is going to happen, not in a few months, or a few weeks or days, but now, at the present. Nothing ever does of course, but it's funny the way it happens. I get all giddy and excited for no reason, and I start acting goofy. Randomly, throughout my day. Or during the whole day. For NO REASON. Silly, I know. Maybe it's Christmas. This season does weird things you know. What a refreshing thought. It turns even the Scrouges and Grinches jolly.

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