Friday, December 31, 2010

A day, a year, a lifetime

I looked out my window this morning to have a world of brightness greet me. The snow glazed over the trees, and I caught the sun at just the right angle peaking through the trees. It was gorgeous, all day.
My mom was getting calls through out the day, about papa.
I remember being little and running out of things to do. I'd ask mom, "Can I read a story to you?"
"Why don't you go read to Papa?" She'd say.
Oh yeah, of course, why didn't I think of that. I'd run to his room, where he'd be in bed about to take a nap, or he'd be watching TV. Sometimes he'd be in his chair just taking in the world. I'd crawl up right beside him and begin my small picture book. He loved listening to me read, or so I thought, until I'd look up every once in a while and catch him dozing. Those are my favorite memories with him. Sometimes we'd go for a walk, when he was healthy enough.
I remember him ending his visit, and leaving to go back home. He basically said goodbye like the next time we saw him would be when he didn't remember who we were, or he'd be dead. We didn't like him thinking like that.
I remember at Kristina's high school graduation he said he wouldn't make it another 4 years to mine. I prayed and hoped he would... and we're almost there!
He was right. Last couple times I've come to visit him, he doesn't know who I am. He calls me "that nice girl." On good days he'll pop a few jokes, and make everyone laugh.
It was such a wonderful, beautiful day today. It's almost over and I think how long it would feel if I had to struggle for every breath I took today. What a tedious, exhauting job! My mom cryed a lot today. "Papa might not make it through the night." It's New Years Eve! Almost 2011! I graduate! Grandpa, you're so close! You might not remember who I am, but it would mean so much to me if you made it to my graduation. At least to 2011! Don't give up, you're almost there.
I have a feeling I'm going to want to get out of here soon. Good thing break is almost over. I need to run. But running in 7 degree weather can't be good for you.

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