Thursday, December 23, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I went to the Spokane Valley Mall to get all my Christmas shopping done. As I was riding down the escalator this cute, small girl maybe 3, was standing next to me. She looked as if she knew exactly where she was going. I looked around, no mom running around the corner to come get her. "Where's your mom?" She didn't say anything. As she hopped off the escalator, she took off running and leaping around through the crowds of people down the long strip of stores. I kept my eye on her as she ran from store to store, stopping briefly to take a peak in each one. She was looking for her mom, no doubt she was lost. A man selling things at his stand asked if she belonged to us. "No, but we're keeping our eye on her." Finally a lady came out of a store and saw the young girl looking in.
"Are you lost?" She asked.
No response.
"Do you know where your mommy is?" She tried again. The little girl shrugged her shoulders. "What's your name?" The lady tried.
"Eveyln." She whimpered out. She still looked pretty bold, like she wasn't afraid of anything.
"Eveyln, do you know what your mommy's name is? What do people call your mommy?"
"I'm five." She said as she held out her fingers to indicate the amount. There was no way she was actually five.
"You're five?" She asked in disbelief. "Wow, you're a big girl... Do you know what your mommy was wearing? Did she have a pink shirt on? Was it black?"
"Yeah! Black!"
"Good! Was she wearing jeans?"
"Maybe..." You could tell Eveyln wasn't as bold as before and was starting to get frantic.
"Eveyln stay right here, I'll be right back." She turned to go inside to ask for the store clerk to call for security, but as she turned to go in, the store workers came out and told her they'd already called security and they were on their way. The security worker arrived a few minutes later and took Eveylns hand. Evelyn began to look a little panicked. As they walked away together the repeated questions began again...
"Hi Eveyln, I'm Rachel, do you know what your mommy was wearing? Did she have a green shirt on? Was it pink?"

I feel like I'm in an adventure of my own running around boldly maybe looking in a few stores here and there when it feels like I'm missing something, but for the most part I'm making my way through the store just fine on my own. Everyone else in the mall can tell from a mile away I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm headed. But I'm ok with that for now, people can say what they want. No one confronts me at first, I'm out on my own, and it feels great. Until finally someone pulls me off to the side and starts throwing questions out at me that I don't know the answer to because I've wandered off alone. That's when I start to panic. And when the realization hits me that I need to go back to my mom, and the security gaurd comes to help me find her, I wonder if I ever will. And if I ever do, after disobeying, will I get punished? Will she even want me back?

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