Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mac & Cheese

I was sitting in Spanish class today suppose to be singing a Christmas carol when flashbacks started coming. I looked around and no one was singing. The teacher, and maybe one other student, but that was all. We were all suppose to be singing, the teacher kept saying "todos! todos!" But everyone just looked at her like she was crazy. I remembered sitting in Mrs. Blaire's choir class back in kindergarten all the way through about 3rd grade I was too cool to sing. My best friend Carrie and I would sit there and glare at everyone else, especially the teacher or make fun of those around us who were actually singing. I remembered those days and thought about lunch coming around the corner. Now if I was in 1st grade I would probably be getting ready to go home for the day to watch Arthur while I ate my Mac & Cheese. How I miss those days! Oh Mac & Cheese! I wanted to be
out of school eating Mac & Cheese SO bad! It sounded SO good! So I promised myself I'd eat it for dinner. I don't usually eat dinner, but tonight is an exception. I just got done with basketball and whipped me up some good ol' Mac & Cheese... Kraft kind of course, and I even had milk to make it creamy! So now I'm sitting here eating it, in my dorm room alone, and I'm trying to comprehend just how fast life has flown by. Not much changes from 1st grade. And now that I'm done, I wish I had peas.

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