Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

I lost track of the days this week. Without a normal schedule they somehow jumble all together. Someone told me it was Thursday today. I didn't believe them so as I sat down to write this I had to check the date on the computer and compare it to the calendar on the wall. It's true, they weren't in fact lying to me.
This means Christmas is just around the corner. It's actually less than around the corner, it's practically staring me in the face (good thing I got my Christmas shopping done). It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. The only time I had a hint of that Christmas joy was the morning I awoke to the first snowfall in mid November. It hasn't snowed in a long time, what is with this weather?
Maybe I'm just Mr. Scrouge this year, or is this the way a normal 17 year old feels?
You know, I did practically nothing all day today and my back aches.
Does this mean I'm getting old?

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