Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Night in Venice

She was a little nervous, a little excited. She walked down the stairs to meet him and you could tell he was nervous too. He commented on how great she looked, but it almost sounded rehearsed. First he gave her a small collecters bear that he'd renamed to "Swenson." Then he pulled the corsage from it's case and put it on her wrist. She giggled at her own clumsiness as she attempted to pin the boutonniere on. She pinned from the inside out, so the pokey side was sticking out of his jacket.
He offered her his arm and off they went to Venice. They gave the man at the door their ticket and walked over a bridge filled with sparkling water. They wandered to their seats. After grabing dinner, an italian soda, covering their fruit with chocolate from the chocolate fountain, and roasting a marshmallow over the candle decorations on the table, they found themselves in line for a picture. As they sat at the table posing for the picture, you could tell it looked awkward. But, that's the way the picture guy seemed to want it. He must really enjoy his job. They went their seperate ways to change for the activity, ice skating.
They met each other again at the bus. They began asking random questions all the way there. When they entered they first played an interesting version of ice hockey, without the skates, playing to win a $10 itunes giftcard, but unfortunately their team scored a total of 0 points. They skated and talked, asking questions the whole night. He was a good skater, she was a beginner, but he stayed at her pace as she made her way around the rink. Others were slipping and falling left and right, but somehow they seemed to keep their balance. There was one more game to play for the night. The couples lined up at one side of the wall with their hands on their partners shoulders. "Ready? Go!" He started skating as she leaned in the opposite direction against him, skating backwards. The couple to the right decided spur of the moment to take an immediate left and before they knew it, BAM! They almost came tumbling down, but his movements were too quick and he caught her before she could take a fall. They lined up again and rushed to touch the other side of the rink and returned to the other end in 2nd to last place. The game ended, the champion was found, and they continued skating around the rink. Finally the bus was loading and they returned to the dorms. She thanked him for asking her as they hugged each other goodbye. They headed in opposite directions back to the dorms and returned to normal life.

Oh the silliness of banquets. I wonder if it changes things.

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