Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Africa! I'm Coming!

I imagine it to be a steaming hot place. Stepping off the plane into an oven. Sitting on the bus miserable, with a tinge of excitment, almost completely soaked. Sweat dripping from my skin as I eat bread and peanut butter for breakfast in the morning. Sweat washing my face as I pick up yet another stone and set it on my baby brick wall. Sweat rolling off my brow as I race towards the soccer ball and kick it to my new found friends and teammates of little rascals. My hair in a tangled, wet, mess as I sing praise songs for VBS. Completely soaked as I lay ontop of my sleeping bag, in my tent, on the toasty sand, unable to sleep from the heat.
I've imagine all of this a billion times. But in all this nasty wetness, I really hope, just once, I get completely drenched in rain. I hope it pours. It would be a warm rain, from a warm day. And maybe we'd all get malaria and die after that, but I want to smell it. It would be such a different smell from the after rains here. We smell the rain hitting the pavement. But what does it smell like 10 hours from the closest pavement, surrounded by sand dunes and wild life in the middle of the desert? Now that, I can't imagine.

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