Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Give and Take

Are we all dying? A little more each day? With every breath we take and every pump of blood our heart provides, our bodies just get a little more tired, until they give out completely.
But, we can't all be dying.
Babies are born everyday. They grow a little more everyday. A toddler, into a small innocent child, into a teen, then a kid that assumes because they're in their 20's they're "adults", then those late twenties/early thirties adults that start their own family, and then those on the verge of being old guys and going "over the hill", and then of course we have our grandparents, and then it stops.
But we're growing. Older, yes. Wiser, yes. Spiritually, maybe. Physically, to a point, until your bones start to shrink. Is that the correct time to classify yourself as dying. When you turn old and you begin to get shorter? You're no longer "growing"? You are no longer growing physically. You might get diseases that cause you to forget things, you can no longer retain information, so you're not growing wiser. Depending on who you are, you may still be growing spiritually, or you may not. But yet you are still growing older...
So maybe we are dying everyday. Maybe dying and growing goes hand in hand. In fact, I think we have to die a little in order to grow.
Until the day comes where growing is taken from you and no longer a possibility.
So it comes down to this:
Give and Take.

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