Wednesday, January 12, 2011

connecting and re-connecting

Just get through today, and you'll be ok. The words I said as advice to a struggling girl this morning ring through my head every second of the day. She was utterly exhausted, in everyway. Just by observing her profile you could see she was weary. She hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. She came down to my room this morning, as I was intently trying to study for my A&P test, and told me about her situation. He had cheated on her. She slowly fit all the pieces together and now she was crushed. No one expected this, not from them, they seemed too perfect. It broke my heart to see her cry. Her lip quivered as she looked off, lost in a dreamland.
"It's gotta be better this way." I said, trying to find some comforting words to support her. "God knows what He's doing. Who are we to judge His plans?"
She said she had no doubt in her mind she was doing the right thing, and that was comforting. She reassured me she was trusting God with this relationship. By looking at her face as she said it, you could tell it was true, and my heart swelled at the thought. Such faith! She promised to tell me more in detail the story another time, and we've made plans to go out for a milkshake during a free period of school today.
I saw her again just before lunch. She almost looked sick, and it made my stomach lurch looking at her and thinking of her situation. For such a positive, joyful girl, you could tell her day was hell. Sitting across the table from her at lunch I recognized the distant look. She wasn't with us. I could see her mind wandering to the conversation she'd had a day before, and to all the times they'd fought, finding all the pieces and connecting them over and over. Hoping and wishing she was wrong!
And yet, her faith is still strong. She is dependent on God. She doesn't know His plan, but she knows He can be trusted. He promised never to leave her, and she believes it with her whole heart. After getting her heart trambled on again and again, she finds the guts to risk once more, this time with an understanding of a God of Love.

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