Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Problem Solving...

The last couple days have reminded me a lot of 5th grade math class. Word Problems. I'm horrible at those long wordy questions, I would much rather just be given a straight up, no messin' around equation to figure out. And the worst part about these math questions thrown at me lately, is that I'm not in a math class this year, so I'm pretty rusty.

The recent problem over the last 3 days has sort of gone like this:

Problem: Kari has $15.50 to spend at the carnival, her cousin Carrissa has $20. They search for 10 hours trying to find something worth their money to buy. How much money does Kari's friend Ron have?

What would be your guess? Exactly. This makes no sense. Now read it again. Analyze it. Go over it a million more times in your head and you'll be 1/4 way close to feeling the same way I was yesterday. Totally, and utterly lost in confusion. And once you think you might have it figured out, you'll probably decide there's no way your answer could be correct. Because trust me, it isn't.

Answer: 5 tickets

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