Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tie-Dye, Spaghetti, and African Drums

Tie-dyed for 3 hours today with the Africa Mission Crew making shirts for the whole Bushman village we'll be visiting in Namibia. After we'd finished, we headed off to the Carters house for some good conversation and a delicious spagetti dinner. When we'd finished we sat around the slide show of our destination. We were pumped! When the pictures were through, Mr. Carter shared a few of the miracles that had already happened concerning the trip. It really is a God written trip. Mr. Carter told us to embrace every moment we're given over there. If we find ourselves with a few minutes of break time, we should go get to know the little rascals running around. Not only are we going over there to build a cafeteria, we're going to share God's love. So many times, people come out to help them, and when they leave, the Bushman people say goodbye like it's the last time they'll ever see them because they never know if they'll survive another day. It's that bad. The small villages are going extinct and not many more people will get to visit these places. It's up to us to make the biggest change in their lives, and maybe next time we'll see them in heaven.

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