Thursday, February 17, 2011

Artists, Composers, and Authors

A young man, a musician, a composer actually, examined the painting in front of him. From left to right, to right to left, up and down, down and up, side to side, and again.
"I hate it. It's so bleak and depressing. Who would want to hang this on a wall? This artist should be ashamed. It needs life in it's colors, there is too much gray for one picture to handle."
There is a reason for all the gray. The scene, the colors, the objects inside are all very powerful. Without any one of them, it would not have the same tone, or set the same mood. The artist is an author, creating a story through his painting.
"I don't get it, and I don't like it."
That's fine. Do you like music? Do you like the slow, almost depressing sounds? The dissonance you write in your songs create the same sensation the painting on the wall was made for. As a musician you are an author reflecting the world as you see it. People will listen to your music and catch a glimpse of life through your eyes. Thank you for sharing, but please do not discriminate against the other authors in the world.

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