Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There's been something going on the last few days. I'm getting really excited. Every once in a while, at the most random times through out the day, these awesome thoughts pop into my head, like a kernal of popcorn bursting forth in a pot. I want to write these thoughts down every time one comes to mind. I usually get them in the morning or at night when I'm in my room and so I can write them on my mirror, but often in the day I get these bursts of spontaneous energy that come with the words planted in my mind, and I eventually forget exactly what it was that got me excited.
I'm becoming rather inspired. I don't know what is making me feel this way, but it's very cool, and working well.
Last night I wrote on my mirror, "Rejoice in the Lord! God is good! His love endures forever!" How great is that?! I was thinking about how much the Lord has blessed me with in life, and how ungrateful I seem. I take all that I have forgranted.
Tonight I wrote on my mirror, "Gratefully embrace life with a passionate heart!" I want zest! Add spice, give me flavor, I like it! I want to embrace every minute of this life.
Some days I just feel, bleh. Like it's just another day, I get days all the time, there's nothing special or different about this one. But on occasion my life is put into perspective. I only have 3 months left of high school. Less than a month till Africa. Senior Rec is next weekend. Time is ticking, and I almost feel left out.
I was planning on skipping the banquet this Sunday and just staying home for my night off. But now I'm rethinking the situation. Maybe I need more hot chile's in this recipe. I need passion, energy, and fire. Bring on the heat. Sunshine, rain on me.

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