Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freezin' Season

I walked into my room 30 minutes ago to be greeted by the cold. My window is always open and the fan is always going, and today, the sunshine outside is very decieving. I went and got my smoothie, that was too frozen to eat this morning for breakfast, out of the fridge. I planned on only eating a few bites and then running it downstairs to the freezer in the kitchenette, and saving it for tomorrow's breakfast again, but I got a little carried away and didn't realize just how hungry I was. So I'm sitting there eating my blueberry, raspberry, orange juice, and ice slushy and my teeth are chattering. I don't have a coat on, and my lips are turning blue from the cold. So now not only am I freezing on the outside, everything going down is freezing too! When I'd finished my full cup of smoothie, I went to brush my teeth. The minty after taste makes my teeth sting, and the air gets cold as I suck it into my lungs. I'm thoroughly freezing, wishing for some warm tea or hot vegetable soup. I'm going on 3 weeks now of "fasting" with just listening to "Jesus music", and to add to my list I've decided to fast on just fruits and veggies this week for SWOP, and it seems like I'm always hungry. I think half of this is just the fact that I THINK I'm hungry, I'm not actually hungry. So now I'm sitting here chattering away, struggling to move my fingers in order to type. I have so much homework awaiting me. I know I won't get it all done tonight. Read 3 chapters in a silly book for Bible, then write about them, write a nice lengthy paragraph for Composition, study for origins test tomorrow, review in Civics, make time for God, leave for Choraliers in 3 minutes, pick out an outfit for tonights SWOP meeting, go to basketball practice, come back and work till 11:30, then try to finish homework... I want to feel warm, but I know that if I just stay in this cold for a bit longer, it'll eventually get better. It will all grow numb.

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