Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper Hearts

Valentines Day. Yuck. Disgusting. Who would even come up with such a holiday?!
Yesterday was Heart Day.
At this school the girls all wear a paper heart around their neck with their name on it and try to keep it the entire day. The rules are: they can't talk to any boys starting as soon as they get a paper heart and walk into the ad building: no texting, e-mails, facebook, chat, skype, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero. So yesterday, I thought I remembered this game to be harder last year. Definitely not this year, not a challenge at all. I don't mind just hanging out with my girlfriends. Not one bit. The only thing slightly hard about it was the fact that boys would open doors and I couldn't tell them thanks you. I felt awful, but I really appreciated it. Especially with the extra 10 pounds I have to wear for our pregnancy bible project. Some of them actually made the comment, "Wow, no one ever says thank you around here anymore..." Not sure if they were trying to get me to talk to them or they sincerly felt that way. They were probably pulling my leg. I'm pretty gullable.
Today it was the boys turn.

I didn't even try to steal any hearts. Although I did forget quite often that people were still playing throughout the day and when I would try to talk to them they ignored me. At first I would think Did they not hear me? Or, wow. That was rude. But then it would hit me and I'd just move on.

So where am I going with this story? Still not quite sure. I'd just like to put this out there: I'm not interested in stealing any paper hearts. And if by chance you think this love game is easy, it's gonna take a lot more work than you think to steal this heart.

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