Monday, February 28, 2011

Ready to Fly. Here We Go.

Ready. Set. (Hold your breath.) Go. I walked out to the giant instrument in the center of the stage. Music in place... check. I took a seat on the bench, moved my foot above the pedal, and put my fingers in place. I sat there, for what seemed like minutes staring at the music, trying to prepare mentally as best I could. Ok. I think I'm ready. My fingers slowly flowed across the keys. "Word came through in a letter, one of us changing our minds. You won't need to guess who, since I usually do not send letters to me, that are mine. I told him I saw this coming. That I'd practically packed up my things. I was glad at the time, that I said I was fine, but all honesty knows, I wasn't ready no..." Flashback to the dreaded memory in the music building.
"And so, here we go bluebird. Back to the sky, on your own. Oh, let him go bluebird. Ready to fly, you and I, here we go."
This is it. Senior year. Almost done. End with a bang and give it your all. Please put your heart and soul into it... "here we go...
This pair of wings worn and rusted, from too many years by my side. You can carry me, swear to be sturdy and strong, but see turning them on still means goodbye..." The music dramatically picked up in volume and then dropped, as my fingers pounded out the chords and ended in a slow dance.
"And so, here we go, bluebird..." Last time I was up here singing my grandpa was here... "Gather your strength and rise up..." "You have a certain charm."... "Oh let him go bluebird." Just friends. "Oh let him go bluebird!" That's ok... right? "Oh! let him go bluebird..." The piano slowly drifted off as silence claimed the air. "Back to the sky, you and I. Here. We. Go.
Here we go.
Here we go."
The song slowly ended, and the crowd burst into applause. I stared at my music and slowly stood to my feet. Finishing, I took a bow and left the stage. And so, here we go, I guess.

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