Monday, February 21, 2011

So I put on my clip-ons.

I jumped inside in a scurry, taking off without a single glance back. My freshly painted purple, nail-polish gleamed in the sunlight as my fingers gripped tightly around the steering wheel. I hadn't gotten more than 10 miles down the road when I realized it was a sunny day and I was squinting, of course! sunglasses! So I popped on my shades. What else is missing? I changed the radio station and cranked up the volume. I'll never let you sweep me off my feet. Next time baby I'll be bulletproof, next time baby I'll be bulletproof... The wind flooded in as the gates on the sunroof rolled back. Check that one off my list. I pulled the stretchy band from my hair and let the mass of tangled curls fly wild. A burst of light reflected off the clip-on earrings sitting on my dashboard. I'm going back to school, I can't wear earring at school... It was only a few miles later until the gleam caught my eye again. It's silly to wear them just for 45 minutes while I'm driving in the car by myself... OH! What the heck! So I clipped on my earrings, gleaming in the sunlight and all. Let me assure you, the drive was not complete without my glistening earrings. There's something about them that I can't really describe. They give me a boost of confidence. Like with them on, I am invincible. Nothing can stop me. I am a stable being in the mesh of confusion. I have purpose, something to offer to the world. Freedom! It was really quite a fantastic hour drive I must say. The only thing that could've made it more perfect would be a best friend sitting in the passenger seat next to me, and a Mocha Frappacino from Starbucks.
So when I got back to school I returned the magical earrings back to their home on the dashboard. I rolled up the heavenly sun window from above, tied my hair back in an even messier bun than I had started with, twisted the volume knob down, and turned the ignition off. I opened the door and stepped out from a ceasing dreamland, into a seemingly endless, spiral of life.

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  1. oh i love clip ons. :) glad they have a wild and free owner. love emily