Monday, March 7, 2011

3 Pennies in a Puddle

Yesterday, I walked out of a Canadian Starbucks and into a puddle in the parking lot. I looked down to find 3 shiny pennies glistening in the water. I shouldn't say "pennies," they were the equivalent to an American penny. I'm not sure what they're called up in Canada. I couldn't help but stop and think about how random it was that 3 pennies were in 1 puddle in the street. Why 3? All in THIS puddle? As I began to make my way back to the car I thought of different scenario's to explain this mystery. The best story I came up with was either someone was having a bad day, and needed to make a wish, or a small child wanted to wish just for the adventure in it. In the small town of Nelson, where I found myself to be at the time, there are no wishing wells or fountains. So of course the next best thing, and obviously most convienent, is the puddle in front of them. And no risks could be taken. 3rd times a charm.

... Or someone was getting into their car and lost some change... but over-analyzing everything makes life a bit more fascinating.

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